About Me

I'm just a regular polish obsessed kind of girl from Yorkshire (UK for my international friends).  I am not a 'girly' girl though, I'm too practical for that and I don't have the time!  I have three large dogs who I love to distraction and they take up a lot of my time.  

When I do have free moments I enjoy nail polish and nail art (well der!) and I enjoy drawing as well.  I tend to do pencil drawings and love drawing animals.  I also love reading, Terry Pratchett being a very loved author in my house, and I love zombie movies.  Theres something sightly desperate and futile about them whilst at the same time being ridiculous, I don't know I just like them.  If I am stressed I actually have zombie dreams, this is true sadly.  I also love motorbikes and never miss a Moto GP if I can help it.  I also like riding my mountain bike with my brother (not the same one, he has his own!).

I have a dirty mind and a dirty laugh, I could talk for England if it was a sport.  I am remarkably easy going, but having said that I also have the temper that tends to accompany being a red head.  Yes I'm ginger, have a giggle and get over it!  I have hair down to my waist too so I can't hide it.  I like a cold beer and a hot curry.

So...thats pretty much me, as much as I can sum myself up in a few paragraphs anyway.  Theres more to me that this of course, but those are the main ingredients you would need to make a basic me :)