Sunday, 27 November 2011

A-England Avalon

I got a purple in the post Friday, that is so gorgeous I HAD to make it my next manicure so here it is.  It is A-England's stunning Avalon.  I was so excited to try one of these polishes, I have seen swatches and heard good things, but most of all I wanted to try them because my patriotic side was prodding me and whispering 'its an English nail polish, you MUST try it!'.  Well, who am I to argue with subconscious me, so I ordered Avalon and waited with baited breath until it arrived.

Well this is definitely a hard one to capture on film, its not 'just a purple' its actually a bit more complex than that. If I look really closely in direct sunlight, I can actually see tiny particles of colour which make up the overall predominant purple.  I can see both red and blue in the mix, and this has a subtle shift depending on the light.  Sometimes it looks like a red based purple, as it does in the sunlight pic, but in the shade it takes on a darker blue based purple hue.  Its a really interesting polish with a glowy look and depth to it, and I don't think I have anything quite like it.  The pics are only two coats, although I usually go for three it is quite a saturated colour so I stopped at two.  The coverage was a little patchy on the first coat but evened out nicely on the second and the brush made application easy.  The only bugbear I have is it has a longer drying time than I would have liked, even with OPI rapid dry top coat.  It is worth it for the jewelled purple colour it bestows on your nails though, and as a purple lover of course I love it, but it is really is an enchanting colour that you just have to see in reality to appreciate it fully.  On with the pics!

Sunlight, look at that shimmer!  Red based purple right?

Natural daylight, deeper blue based purple now!

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