Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Models Own - Copper Pot, Indian Ocean & Juicy Jules

I have three beautiful Models Own polishes in todays post which I am really happy to share with you all.

The first up is Copper Pot, it is a lovely multi-chrome metallic polish which flips from gold to copper with flashes of green hidden in there for good measure.  I didn't expect to like this colour as much as I did, it is gorgeous!  The formula is a little thin, but it is still only 3 good coats and a topcoat on my nails here so no biggie really.  I also layered a coat over black on my ring finger to which greatly accentuates the green in the polish.  I really love how this glowed in the sun and I will be wearing it again, a lovely colour for both Summer, and Autumn, its a keeper.

The second polish I have is Indian Ocean.  So beautiful, insanely pretty and makes me think of faeries and insect wings.  Another multi-chrome, this one flips from baby blue to baby pink shimmery glass fleck polish with flashes of gold.  As with the previous one, the formula is a little thin, but the coverage isn't as opaque.  For my pics I had four coats on and still there is visible nail line (but it wasn't as obvious in reality).  I will forgive it this though because the payoff is very much worth it.  I also layered this over black on my ring finger, which accentuates the pink, but also shows the gold flashes off a little more.  I love it worn either way, so that makes it a 2 looks for the price of 1 polish, which for any lacquerhead is always a bonus.

Last but certainly not least, is the very sparkly Juicy Jules.  This is a silver holo glitter suspended in a clear base.  My pics don't do it justice it is beautifully sparkly and blingy, and topped over Indian Ocean looked stunning.  It obviously works well as a topper, but I think with two or three coats it would be pretty opaque, so I will be wearing it with more coats over a silver polish too.  There are a fair few of this type of glitter around, but if you don't have one already this one is definitely worth a buy, and at only £5 a polish from models own website, and widely available from nail care section (and other outlets too of course!).  I am loving Models Own polish right now.  Bring on summer, I'm ready :)

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LacquerVictims said...

Maybe you try to layer ocean above a white polish the next time :)

Char said...

Wow, these look beautiful! great swatches x

Unknown said...

Love it :)!!
Much love,

Unknown said...

This looks amazing!! I love how pretty it is! Really your post is really very good and I appreciate it. You write very well which is amazing. I really impressed by your post. :)

- Cindy
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Unknown said...

Nice shades!

Unknown said...
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