Sunday 31 July 2011

Ozotic Pro Elytra 528 - Layered over Ozotic Pro 506 yummmm!

OK first things first, an apology for not updating sooner, but a foster dog arrived at my house to love and look after until her forever home is ready and I have been kinda busy with helping get settled in and adjust to my three, so I haven't had time to update until now.  On the plus side though, I have made it a good one and worth the wait I think :)

By now most of you know I love love LOVE multichromatics, and these are just as yummy as the Ozotic Pro 505 I reviewed earlier.  Basically, the 506 is practically identical to 505 apart from it is blue based, instead of the green/teal based.  Quite similar BUT different enough to warrant having both, which is fortunate really!  I put Ozotic Pro 506 on first over black, and totally forgot to take pics of it before adding the Elytra, but I just couldn't wait, I got too excited and carried away with the prettiness.  Now it has been warm and humid here, so there are air bubbles, please ignore them, I know I did!

The queen of the show though is the Ozotic Pro Elytra 528.  I have tried, and again partly failed to show the full awesomeness of this polish, but  I think it is my new all time favourite, yes its that awesome!  It flashes purple, magenta, blue, green, and more subtly red and gold too.  All in the same bottle, plus its a glitter which dries smooth and not at all gritty but I did add a topcoat just for extra shine.  Let me say it again, multichrome glitter!  Isn't that just music to your ears.   I know I've said it before, but I am going to say it again, these are hard to photograph, but the pics are click-able to enlarge for a closer look.  I have also included a pic of the bottle to show the subtle red and gold in there, if you look its along the bottom edge of the bottle.  If you fancy treating yourself and getting your hands on these sexy bottles of loveliness, I bought mine from piCture pOlish in Australia.  They're not cheap but worth every penny, and they do realistically priced international shipping too :)  Right then, without further waffle from yours truly, on with the piccies!


Cat said...

Incredibly pretty. Love it.

polishloving said...

that looks amazing!

GothamPolish said...

I never get tired of seeing pictures of this combo :) :) :) Could look at it all day!

Blingernails said...

I did look at it all day, damn polish this pretty is dangerous!

Kvacka said...

Wow, sooo pretty! *faints* ;)

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