Monday 25 July 2011

piCture pOlish Blog Fest - Aphrodisiac

The amazing girls at piCtue pOlish in Australia are having a blog fest!  What that means is truly epic, all around the world right this very second, all at the same time bloggers like me are posting a review of one of their polishes.  Awesome idea right, and I am proud to one of the people chosen to be included in this event.

My polish is 'aphrodisiac' and the label says 'this potion leaves you with a magic touch'.  I love that all their bottles have a little 'story' like this.  The bottle itself is a nice square with a medium brush and rubberised grip feel to the handle.  The application was smooth as silk with a lovely formula going on like a dream and very easy to work with.  I did 2 coats but I could have happily gotten away with just one as it covered very well and was fully opaque.

Now for the most noticeable part of most polishes, the colour.  This is a very rich and dark blue based purple with a subtle shimmer to it.  If they hadn't already called it aphrodisiac, I would have volunteered aubergine as a name for it, it is that dark almost black purple type shade.  In sunlight it is clearly purple though, and the shimmer picks up beautifully, in natural light it looks very dark purple and in artificial light it pretty much looks black.  Whichever way you look at it though, I like it :)  Would I buy more polish from piCture pOlish's own range, you bet I would.  This is the first time I have used their brand and I am impressed with the quality.  If you want to try any of their polish range you can buy direct from their website where they have a great range, including the wonderful Ozotic Pro polish too.  Even better, they also offer international shipping.  Want pics?  Of course you do, enough of my waffle heres fodder for your peepers :)

(Product sent to me for review) 


polishloving said...

Great name for this one - it's a very sexy colour :)

-Diana- said...

Lovely color <3

Jeeya said...

its a very sexy color .. nice swatches

happy blog fest

Anutka said...

Gorgeous purple! Love it :)

Blingernails said...

I love the colour but I am a bit biased because I do love purple!

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Unknown said...

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