Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Essence Color & Go - Sure Azure, and added NYC and Essence bling because I can!

I have this lovely little bottle here of Essence Color & Go in Sure Azure.  Now I always think of deep sparkling sapphire blue when I think of azure, but this is a grey toned baby blue with a very delicate shimmer.  The formula was easy to work with and went on without issue, and my pic is with just two coats.  The first coat was a little streaky, but nothing to moan about, and the second coat evened it out anyway.  It dried with a lovely shine too, the pic is without any top coat, just the polish, you can see how shiny it is!  I love the colour and the finish, these essence polishes are proving to be rather nice additions to my collection.

Now me being me, I was bored, and couldn't leave things alone, so...I put on a coat of NYC Starry Silver Glitter.  This glitter is lovely, it has tiny silver holo glitter, and larger bright blue and lilac hex glitter suspended in a clear base.  It took a little manipulation to get the larger hex glitter to spread out evenly but that's the norm for this type of glitter.  I wish there was a ray of sunlight to photograph the holo effect of the tiny glitter, its so sparkly in reality but since its raining buckets here and dark and dreary, you will have to take my word for it.

Things were looking pretty at this stage, then I added a coat of Essence Nail Art Special Effect! Topper in Its Purplicious.  This is tiny purple glitter with larger purple and dark pink square glitter, suspended in a clear base.  This went on really well, and there is lots of glitter crammed into this polish!  Again, it is very shiny and catches the light really well, and was a perfect accompaniment to the colours I was already sporting.  I finished off with a final layer of NYC Starry Silver, and that was it done.

I love this mani, but I do love to experiment with these glitters, I can't wait to try them out over different colour combinations.  When I do, you will be the first to know!  I hope you like it, I only wish the sun had come out to let me show you the full sparkly nature of this lovely combination.


Cheeky Chic said...

This is totally creative..(Y)
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nail crazy said...

great combo, love it :-D

Fashion Footing said...

Great combination! I just picked up the NYC Starry Silver Glitter. You can't pass up a 99 cent glitter!

Anonymous said...

glitter makes everything awesome :)

Cupcake said...

ohhh this mani looks so cute!!!

BlingerNails said...

Thankyou all :)
And yes, glitter DOES make everything awesome :D