Friday 7 October 2011

OPI Rainbow Connection - Muppets collection

Yesterday I showed you Designer...De Better from this collection, and today I have OPI Rainbow Connection.  This is a multi sized and multi coloured glitter bomb!  It is really shiny, and just spectacular!  Click on the bottle shot for a closer look, you will see magenta, green, orange, blue, gold and silver hexagram glitters in small, medium and large sizes suspended in a clear base.  The colours don't look too busy on the nail, and there is a good mix of silver and gold glitter in there which stops it from being over the top and allows just the right mix of colour.  Also because of the gold and orange colours, it has a slightly warmer toned look.  I know there are a lot of these multi glitters out there and I will try to do a comparison post at some point, but OPI does do glitter polish rather well and this one is no exception.

It applied without any problem, there was a little manipulation needed to disperse the larger glitter pieces which is usual with these types of glitter, but honestly not that much, and it  dried quickly between coats making layering it quick and easy.  The formula was good, not too thick and it had no drag issues for me.  The final pics are three layers over Designer...De Better, and I love the finished look.  The pics with three layers make it look a little uneven, but in reality it is laid pretty flat, and a coat of top coat finished any grittiness off.  I can't wait to try this over just about every colour I own, I envisage it looking rich over reds, adding bountiful colours to blues, looking dangerously cool over darks, and I can see it looks cheerfully blingy over brights.  The pictures don't do justice to how shiny and pretty this polish looks, I already want to put up my Christmas tree and start wrapping presents, it reminds me of cheer by the bucket full and I know already that these two Muppets collection polishes are going to be in collaboration many times over the Christmas holidays, and beyond!  I can't wait to get others from the collection now.  What do you think, is it just your cup of tea or do you prefer something more subtle?  Me, well, its blingernails isn't it, I LOVE it!

One coat of Rainbow Connection over Designer...De Better

Two coats of Rainbow Connection over Designer...De Better

Finally, some pics with three coats of Rainbow Connection over Designer...De Better.  I know theres a lot of pics, but it  does merit them :)

Look how shiny!

Did anyone say they wanted to see it matte-ified!  Ohhh go on then :D

The OPI Muppets collection will be available in the UK around mid October and will be available for purchase from for £10.50 a bottle.

(Polish was sent to me for review)


Fashion Footing said...

This looks great. Good grief, I love a glitter polish :-)

Unknown said...

*squeel* it's soo pretty, it looks gorgeous on you too, i've just ordered this off ebay and can't wait for it to come now : )

KJ Callaway said...

OMG I cannot wait to get my paws on this!!!


polishloving said...

Love it :D

Anonymous said...

So awesome!

Sandra said...

I adore your mani, it's so sparkly!

Blingernails said...

It is lovely isn't it, so sparkly and shiny, I can't wait to get the other glitters :)

Vita said...

Fabulous! Your nails look like mirror balls! Love <3

Heather said...

I was just looking for some Birthday-ish nails and was thinking multi glitter was just the thing! So glad I came across your post and example shots. It seems very similar in colors and sizes to Deborah Lippman - Happy Birthday. But half price! Sephora (which is still OPI) Spark-tacular! is more fine pieces.

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