Wednesday 23 November 2011

W7 - Metallics Planets Collection, Cheap AND Duochrome! Oh Yes!

Well as you all know I LOVE all things duochrome and multichrome, and so on my never ending quest to find new ones I came across some new W7 polishes that I hadn't seen before.  These were six shades all called 'Metallic ......' and then a different planet for each polish.  They looked nice in the pics on the website so of course I HAD to buy some! I ordered Metallic Mars, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter.  There was also Neptune which appears to be a dark navy blue, and Saturn, which is a green based one but I didn't order those ones this time.  Check out the bottles pic from when they arrived.

Pretty, right!  From left to right you have Metallic Mars, Metallic Venus, Metallic Mercury and Metallic Jupiter.  I couldn't wait to try them all individually so I swatched them all on one hand.  The Mars and Venus ones are the sheer type colours that need to be layered over another colour (darker colours seem to work best) so I applied two layers over black.  Mercury and Jupiter are actually sparkly shimmers in a dark base, and these can be applied on their own.

Mars is a red toned pink, to purple to gold colour shift polish, Venus is blue to purple with the occasional bronze hue flashing into view.  Mercury and Jupiter have a more subtle colour shift and are darker shades with a lovely sparkle.  Mercury shifts from a dark pink to purple to gold, and Jupiter dark blue to dark purple.  To my eye Mercury and Jupiter look like they are the darker glittery versions of the first two, but with such a different look that they totally warrant buying all four.

For my pics I applied two coats each of Mars and Venus over a black creme base, and three coats of Mercury and Jupiter without any 'underwear'.  The formula was actually quite good, it felt maybe a little thin but not really a problem, and it dried pretty quickly.  The brushes were quite nice too, providing even coverage, and these did feel like they should have cost more than the measly £1.95 (including postage!) I paid for each of them.  I am posting two pics which illustrate the colour shift in these, please forgive the sloppy application but I was so excited to try these out and show you all!  Bargain duochromes, yes please!  If you would like to buy some I don't know about my international readers (sorry!) but for the UK readers I bought mine from Nail Polish Direct where I have ordered lots of times now and always had good service, and they have pretty good prices on their polishes.  Can I just say I am not affiliated with them in any way, I just like their shop!

Right then, lets get on with it, and take a look at the pics.  With all the buzz going round at the moment about duochromes will you be buying these?  I think I discovered some little gems personally, I hope you think so too :)

Left to Right - Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter
Left to Right - Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter


To {Polish} or Not said...

I love Mars and Venus!

Anonymous said...

They are all gorgeous Shel! I'm so glad I'm getting Mercury & Jupiter from Kellie ;-)

Blingernails said...

I'm sure you will love them Ruth, they look even nicer in reality, its hard to capture them properly in photo's xx Glad you both like them :)

Polished Criminails said...

The first two look so similar to those of the Models Own beetlejuice collection

nail crazy said...

i think i'm in love :-D

jazzqueen64 said...

OMG, I'm going to have to suss these out, they sometimes have W7 in TK Maxx.

Anonymous said...

I am digging the pointer finger color!

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