Thursday 1 March 2012

Nails Inc. OMP!

I got this polish along with another from a friend who had collected it from some magazine or other, and she isn't a fan of polish so yay lucky me!  They have sat in my untried pile for too long, and I was feeling very much like Spring may be springing and wanted a bright colour, and I thought I would finally try this one.  I had never tried any of Nails Inc. polishes before, but I am going to be trying many more now I have tried this one!  It went on without issue, good formula and colour saturation, and lovely shiny finish before I even added top coat (but I added one anyway of course).  That was enough to make me think I may want some more of this brand, but the clincher for me was the wear.  I don't know if all their polish is so hardy but this one I had on for four full days, which included cleaning, dog walking, cooking and going to work.  Filing and typing typically isn't kind to nails but after four days it still looked good with not a chip in sight, and only minimal tip wear.  I could have touched it up and wore it for a few more days no problem at all!  How good is that, made me happy I can tell you :)

I also happened to love the colour of this one as well.  Not quite red, not quite pink, really hard to photograph but a stunning creme, nearest I can think of is a bright raspberry creme, it sometimes looks pink, and in other lights darker almost red.  I can't believe it sat untried for so long, its so pretty.  I have started to remedy the lack of Nails Inc. polishes in my stash though by joining their VIP program, and by ordering a special offer 'lucky dip' promotion that they apparently run quite frequently, so keep your eyes peeled for those, and for more Nails Inc. posts very soon :)

Please forgive my dry cuticles, Winter is not a kind month to my hands, and excuse the tip wear showing BUT this had been on for three days at this point before I got chance to photograph it, so pretty impressive I think.  I know I know, I should take pics when its fresh on yadda yadda yadda, but life doesn't always give you charged batteries at the same time as it hands you a spare half hour ;)


MissAdelinne said...

This colour on your nails looks so good!

Missadelinne's Fanpage

parenting articles said...

it's such a lovely shade!

parenting articles

Anonymous said...

I tagged you in a "Get To Know Me" post :-)

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