Sunday 10 June 2012

OPI DS Radiance

I am a sucker for a shiny polish, and foils are no exception.  I long for the day when there can be a true 'chrome' nail polish, but foil polishes, if they are done well, go some way to satisfying my cravings for mirror nails.  OPI DS Radiance is one that is done well.  I got this in a swap from the lovely Kelly at musings of a slightly mad mother because it didn't really wow her, but I'm glad she didn't like it now (sorry Kelly!).  I had no application problems, dry time was normal, and it didn't seem to show the brush marks as much as some foil finish polishes tend to do.  Once it dried, I went in the sun to check out my bling, and I was all happy shaped after that :) it sparkles in the sun and looks lush in the shade.  It really does look just like the silver bottle cap, and the freak in me liked that uniformity of that, 'oo look the polish matches the bottle perfectly!'  I don't think I would shell out for the full price of this one when there are so many good foil polishes around at the moment, (Color Club Foiled Collection instantly springs to mind) but I am glad I have it, and I'm not going to be swapping it out, its a keeper for me.

Direct Sun
Shade - Natural Daylight


Anonymous said...

Very lovely!! :D

Alja and Eva said...

wooow, this color is just amazing! i wish i could find something like this in our drug store. Your blog is amazing btw, i am following you now, i wish you could do the same ;)
have a great day dear, xx

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