Monday 25 June 2012

Nails Inc. Nail Jewellery - Emerald, Sapphire and Pink Diamond

I bought three of the four Nail Jewellery Polishes by Nails Inc. because I am just too much of a magpie to resist when I see such shiny things!  The ones I bought were Piccadilly Arcade (Emerald), Royal Arcade (Sapphire) and Princes Arcade (Pink Diamond).  I left the Burlington Arcade (Diamond) as it looked like a few polishes I had seen before, and it just wasn't unique enough for me to shell out the rather expensive £11 price tag.  These are meant to be glitter toppers I believe, and I tried them all over dark underwear, but these three could be worn alone with a couple of generous coats in my opinion.  They applied really well, not too thick or goopy, and the polish stayed put where it should be without having to fish around for even distribution of the big bits of glitter.  My swatches are just one coat over the base colour and a layer of top coat, so they should last a fair while which goes some way for me to justify the expense.

I think my favourite out of the three I have has to be Sapphire, it is such a luscious shade, but all of them are really vibrant and rich colours, really striking to look at.  The blue and green both have small, medium and large glitter pieces.  The pink one has more uniform sized small and medium glitter but seems to have different hues, I see magenta, purple and silver holo-esque colours in there.  One thing they all have in common is that they catch the light wonderfully and really shine and sparkle.  All in all I think its a great collection, its just a shame the silver one isn't as dense as the other colours, or I would have bought that one too.

Emerald over Nails Inc Cadogan Lane

Sapphire over Sinful Colors See You Soon

Pink Diamond over piCture pOlish aphrodisiac


PassionForPolish said...

OMG these are gorgeous!

rebecca said...


Emma said...

These are all just incredible. Will have to satiate my need for these with Barry M glitters for the time being... until I have £33 (gasp - can I really justify that?!) to spend on these lovelies! I love the combinations you have shown! xx

Vita said...

Sapphire's my pick!

jazzqueen64 said...

All gorgeous, lucky you to have such wonderful polishes, added to the list!

Tara Killmaster said...

I want them all!

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