Wednesday 27 April 2011

China Glaze Anchors Away - Ahoy!

Today we have Ahoy! from the China Glaze Anchors Away collection (I also have Pelican Gray to add as well, which I will do asap)

This is a gorgeous raspberry colour which my camera had a hissy fit with and refused to photograph properly, but after taking literally 40 or 50 pics, these are the best ones.  I haven't posted the picture indoors with a flash, because it just photographed it as a bright pink, and its really not.

In natural light

In sunlight
 Even these pics make the colour look more washed out than it is.  In reality it's a more vibrant and darker shade, and has the most gorgeous pink (and I'm sure I see gold too)  micro glitter particles that make it really sparkle.  If you click on the pics to see a close up you can see them in there.  It was lovely to apply, drying time was good, and these pics are with two coats with no top coat.  I'm going to add a third coat and wear this as my mani, because I love this colour!  I'm not generally a pink kind of girl but I have surprised myself with this, it is just the most gorgeous shade and such a great summer colour and so very pretty :)  *skips off feeling very girly now*

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