Thursday 21 April 2011

Orly Cosmic FX Collection

Well I say collection, in my case a collection of two, but thats fine of course because I bought the two I like most!  Well, der, like I would buy one I didn't like (well actually that HAS happened but only because I didn't actually like it 'in the flesh' as it were when I saw it in real life.  Anyway, enough waffle (yeah right!) On with the pics!

First one up, Space Cadet - Duo Chrome (we've ALL seen it by now I know) but I am putting a few pics up to show it off.  Please ignore the sloppy application and the awful cuticles by the way, it was me being very lazy.

 The formula on this was quite thin and applied quite translucent, so it had to be built up.  This is 3 thick coats for swatching purposes, but when I did a full mani with it I applied four coats before I was happy.  The wear wasn't great but wasn't awful and was easy to touch up, but all that is totally worth it.  It is a pink, purple, green, gold, shiny foil finish wonder!  It has that glass like almost foil finish and a lovely depth to it because of the build up of layers that makes me keep looking at it.  Please just be aware of where your going and know this, you look like a deranged mad woman walking down the street gawping at your hands, even more so if you walk into something.

Next one is Halleys Comet (apparently it is a dead on dupe for OPI catch me in your net, I chose Orly because you get a bigger bottle, can't have too much polish can ya!)

The formula on this one is the same as Space Cadet, but this one is a less obvious duo chrome.  It is nevertheless a gorgeous colour of turquoise blue/green and can I see gold in there?  Its hard to describe and even harder to photograph but very easy on the eye.  It has the same reflective foil like finish and is a stunning polish.  Love it, and got lots of compliments when I wore it as a full mani, which I will be doing again for sure :)

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