Thursday 21 April 2011

China Glaze Free Love and Crackle Glaze

I got this lush polish just last week, and it is definitely a keeper :) it is China Glaze Free Love from the Retro Diva collection
Natural Light

The natural light picture makes it look much more muted than it is, the sunlight picture is much nearer the mark.  The formula was good with full opacity in two coats, but I used three when I did a full mani.  It is a lovely bright vivid orange colour, with added gold microglitter particles mixed in there which stops it being too harsh and gives a lit from within quality.  Very much my colour and looked great on me, so pretty and such a lovely finish I didn't even have to use a top coat.  This is going to be worn a lot over the summer because its such a happy sunshiney colour :)

Well, I started to get a bit of wear after a few days (so the wear was really good) so I thought should I remove it and do a new manicure?  Hmmmmm, couldn't be bothered and thought hey I know, put one coat as a touch up, and get some crackle glaze on that beauty.  It was my first attempt and I thought it looked pretty good.  Feast your peepers on this.

 I finished it off with a gold shimmer top coat.  It did dull down the lovely Free Love colour, but not bad for my first attempt I don't reckon, what do you think.  Hope you like it :)