Monday 6 June 2011

China Glaze - Purple Panic

This was on my list of untrieds and I was feeling like something bright, and now I'm kicking myself for not trying this one sooner.  I love love LOVE this colour!  I can't photograph it properly because it freaks my camera out, but the colour is really vibrant.  It is a neon so it isn't glossy, but its not totally matte either, it dries to a satin finish.  The formula is a bit draggy too, but not enough that you can't work with it, and I'm happy to forgive this little firecracker anything.  Now the colour, in the pics it makes it look much more pink toned than it actually is, but in reality I wouldn't really call it a purple either.  I would describe it more as vivid magenta, but it does have a purple shimmer.  Whatever colour you want to call it, I call it gorgeous, vibrant, wonderful!  It is really 'me' and I am definitely going to grab a back up of this one *hugs my beautiful little bottle*  On with the pics, which like I said just don't do it the proper justice.

Natural Daylight

Indoors with Flash

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