Wednesday 1 June 2011

OPI - Bronzed to Perfection

We do have some sunshine today but the way the weather has been going lately it looks like the only things I am going to get have bronzed are my fingernails, so thats what I did.  I don't tan anyway who am I kidding, the best I can hope for is to just look healthy, redheads and sunshine do not go together well!  But redheads and bronzes do, so thats me happy.  

I have chosen for your delectation, OPI Bronzed to Perfection.  It is a perfect colour for me, it is a medium red based brown-y bronze colour which would look great in any Autumn collection but this has an added bonus.  It has tiny gorgeous gold flakes in it, which give the polish a beautiful irridescence and stop it from being just any other reddish brown colour.  I love this polish on me, so much that I didn't clean up properly before taking the pics (eep!  I know I really am too eager to photograph!).  As with most OPI polish, the formula for good and easy to apply with no fuss, drag or drama.  So on with the pics. 

Quick edit to say sorry that these pics arn't 'enlargeable' but for some reason I kept getting server rejected error message when I tried to upload so I had to host them elsewhere :( 

Look at all those golden lovelies

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