Sunday 19 June 2011

Spectra Flair powder - In a clear base as a franken holo top coat

Today I have the much talked about Spectra Flair powder.  This one is the 14 microns one, and is a very fine powder, so care is needed when using (a face mask is always advisable!)  I will be adding this one to coloured polish as I have in my previous frankens and posting the results in a later post, but this time I am posting the results of mixing it with a clear polish.

The first batch of this stuff I bought from a seller in the US, but this one was provided from a seller here in the UK.  As I said this one is the 14 microns one and the previous one I used was 20 microns, but to be honest I can't see any difference between them, which is good because it means I still get that lovely linear prismatic effect so many of us love and crave in our polish.  As this pigment is primarily for use in spraying auto's, the advice that came with this was to put it in a clear base and since I hadn't actually tried that before, I thought well, give it a go!  

The results for me were stunning holo effect shades of silver.  To get the level of holo that I personally wanted the top coat tended to overwhelm the base colour, giving me various light or dark versions of silver but thats OK, I loved it anyway, and it makes this a versatile little bottle.  I will concede I could probably have used less and got a lesser effect to preserve the underlying colour though** (edit, I put waaay too much in, using a lot less gives the same effect but without overwhelming the base colour!  I will post new pics soon), I will experiment a little further with this when I do my 'mixing with coloured polish' post.  But for now, I guess you want to see what really matters, the results!  OK here we are then.

Left to Right: Over dark purple, slate grey, black, silver, dark red, dark blue

The next pic is using the same top coat over OPI DS Extravagance since it was the mani I was wearing anyway and was due for removal. 
Indoors with flash

This pic was a coat of Color Club silver polish with the Spectra Flair top coat, very reflective and shiny. 
Natural daylight with weak sunshine
Indoors with flash
 Last one I have, because its always a difficult job for me to properly capture these prismatic/holo effects, I have taken a short video which I hope shows it a little better :)  Its not great quality but I think it does the job!

 If you want to buy any of this for yourself, you can get it here  from the very helpful Chris at Custom Creation Paints.

(Product sent to me for review)


Shadow said...

wow!! Holo Goodness! cant wait to receive my spectraflair!

jazzqueen64 said...

I've also bought Spectraflair from USA via Ebay (i'm in the UK) i've added it to polishes but haven't tried it in a clear polish so will deffo have to give this a go as your results are amazing.

Blingernails said...

Hi Jazzqueen, yes I would definately give it a go, but don't use as much as I did lol! You only need a tiny amount, like a 1/16th of a teaspoon for a 15ml bottle, and it won't swamp the base colour then :)

jazzqueen64 said...

Hooruh! I made my holo topcoat with my spectraflair added to just clear polish, which means every polish I've got I can change into a holo with this as a top coat - woop woop, glad I read your post to spur me on - woo hoo x

Blingernails said...

YAY! I'm so glad you have a top coat now, fab isn't it, you can quite literally turn any colour into a holo! I tried it with electric blue the other day and I was very impressed and couldn't stop staring at it :)

Unknown said...

I want this now! *goes to find and order it*


Unknown said...

it is an old text

I wish to know how much nail polish with 1gr

thank you

jazzqueen64 said...

With 1 gr of spectraflair, I used it in about 8 full sized bottles of nail polish.