Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Essence Color & Go - Blue Addicted, Deborah Lippman Across the Universe dupe?

Well first things first, sorry about the lack of posts for a while, I have had flu like symptoms, and massive headaches so obviously staring at a PC screen wasn't high on my priorities!  I will admit I did check my emails and facebook, but in general had no drive to do much of anything else, and then there was the disastrous job interview I just had today.  It was so awful it was funny!  Ah well, maybe the next one :)

When I got home I decided that I HAD to paint my nails.  I got the most EPIC nail mail from my lovely friend Kati P in Holland (waves at Kati!) and included in my mail was this little treasure which she had already bought me before I knew I wanted it, how awesome is she.

I layered this over a dark blue base, I used George Indigo Dazzle from Asda.  In its own right it wasn't a bad polish actually, but for this purpose I just wanted a base.  Then I layered Essence Color & Go Blue Addicted over the top.  Blue addicted is small blue glitter, and large blue and emerald hex glitter suspended in a navy blue base.  I used two coats over my dark base, and I think this is about right.  The glitter was really easy to apply, I didn't have to chase the hex glitter around or fiddle with it, and it dried quickly.  I did add OPI rapid dry top coat and it has dried to a wonderful shine and isn't rough or badly bumpy like some of these types of polish can be.

I am told that this polish is a pretty damned good dupe for Deborah Lippmans Across the Universe, so if someone will send me one of those I will happily do a comparison!  As I don't unfortunately have the Deborah Lippman one to compare this to, I have to rely on swatches posted on the net, and I have to say from the pics I have seen they do look pretty close, but you judge for yourselves, heres some pics and I think the polish fully justifies three of them :)  I hope you like, and thanks again Kati for this pretty bottle of polish.


Nailderella said...

it looks super pretty! I also have it and I really like it!

Fashion Footing said...

ohhhhh, that's so cool!

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

I think they are INCREDIBLY close. I actually want the Essence one though!

Blingernails said...

Its good to know that you think they are close too :) and I'm glad everyone likes it. I want to have both now to compare lol! But I'm very happy with the Essence one for now :)