Tuesday 13 December 2011

OPI - Excuse Moi!

Here we have another from the magnificent 'Muppets Collection' from OPI, in the sparkling form of Excuse Moi!  Unlike the other glitters in this collection this one has a coloured base and it makes it oh so pretty.  It consists of a darker toned warm pink base with multicoloured pieces of medium sized round glitter and tiny micro glitter too, so much glitter and all just lovely!  The fine glitter appears to be pink and silver, and in the larger pieces I can see green, pink, silver, red, blue and orange.  The application was easy and had great coverage, with these pics being just 2 coats over a clear base coat, and the sparkle, oh wow!  I LOVE this one, it reminds me of all the coloured wrappers which are a feast for the eyes when you open a box of Quality Street or Cadbury's Roses (which we only ever buy at Christmas time!) so for me its perfect for it to be in a holiday collection.

Here are the pics, which are as always click-able.  I hope you like it, maybe you can wish for it be in your Christmas stocking from Santa?

Weak Sunlight

Natural Daylight


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