Friday 16 December 2011

UK News - China Glaze Electro Pop - New collection spotted on sale now!

Since posting this I have decided to remove the link to this shop, as although I have had excellent service from them in the past, they seem to be experiencing difficulties recently.  I have emailed them many times and had no response, and if you check their facebook page, many are having the same problems.  Order from them if you wish of course (I have just placed an order myself yesterday, we will see how that goes!) just wanted to give anyone reading a heads up really, and obviously I don't want to link to a site where any of my readers wouldn't get the service I would expect for myself.

Well I just have to share this one, I am not affiliated with this shop in any way but I was kind of excited when I saw the new collection on sale.  We don't usually get these new collections in the UK until way after the US so I had a little *squeeeee* moment.  Its just a shame I am on a total buying ban at the moment.  (Switches to whiney voice) but I neeeeeeeeeeeed them!  Ahem, okay well, I can't buy them yet but someone else might want to, so I couldn't keep it to myself.  You can buy the entire collection from Nail Polish Direct (link removed by me) with free delivery.  Let me know if you bought any, and what you think :) and I would love to see some swatches of these!


Vicky said...

OMG!! That is fantastic I've never heard of that site before but I think I'm now in danger of spending all of my Christmas bonus there!! Hehe thanks do much for spreading the word! :-)

Guy Polish (Jim) said...

Electropop lights is perfect for a skittles manicure or pedicure.

Blingernails said...

Oo thats a great idea Jim <3

Alice Pictoria said...

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP I need these!! I'm on a no buy until next month as I've splurged ridiculously this month on polish...January pay day here I come! Thanks for letting us know!

Lene said...

Thanks for the tip... It was expencive... but I am so looking forward to se when i get my new nail polishes:-)

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