Friday 9 December 2011

Snowflake Nail Art Design

It is freezing here, with high winds, sleet, snow and ice so I thought I would do a manicure to match the seasonal weather.  I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted to do until I saw this post here, on Copy That, Copy Cat.  If you aren't already a follower of her blog you are missing out, she does some fab designs, go check her out and show her blog some love!  It was her manicure that made me go oooooh I want to do THAT one, so I take no credit for the design, but I am happy with the results.

I started with Color Clubs Cold Metal from their foiled collection (I won the entire foiled collection from one of Traci's giveaways at The Trace Face Philes, so had to try this one, thanks Traci!) then I added some sparkle by doing some graduated tips using China Glaze Sexagon.  Finally I added a very thin touch of Funky Fingers Baby Baby Baby (love the polish, want to vomit at the name urgh!)

That was the base sorted and I very nearly just left it as it was, it looked pretty and I have been suffering from the flu and a face full of goo.  But onwards I went wielding my nail art brush with grim determination.  I used one of those cheapie nail art 2 in 1 polish jobbies to do the snowflakes and it definitely needs a touch of thinner, but I think it did the job quite well.

So here is my version of a snowflake manicure, and I got a compliment on it twice today and I was only out of the house for a couple of hours so that was good!  I am quite pleased with it, apart from macro shots being so unforgiving I promise it does look lovely when not in mega 'I can see every wobble your hand made there' mode.  I hope you like it too :)


Olivia said...

Love it! I've just done my own snowflake nails too! It's too dark to take pictures though!

Anonymous said...

Wow! These turned out great

Frk. Fine said...

This is amazing! Really like the christmas spirit in it. Feels like watching a very pretty snowy/darkish picture <3

★nasli_ said...

Hi! so fantastic color :))and great nail art !! i love itt !!
i like your blog!! i following you now i wish follow me back :)

Alice Pictoria said...

This is absolutely amazing- The colours are gorgeous and I LOVE the snowflake design. And how did you get your hands on Sexagon?!

Blingernails said...

Thank you for the lovely comments, and Alice I got sexagon from Chelsea at she trawls nail salons and shops looking for these hard to find polishes, and passes them on to us (waaaayyy less than ebay prices too!) she updates regularly so worth keeping an eye on what she has :) hope that helps!

Alice Pictoria said...

That helps HEAPS, I just bought GR8 from her! Followed her for a while but never noticed her sales, thanks so much for pointing it out to me!

TraceFace said...

Looks awesome Shel! Thanks for the mention, enjoy!! <3

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