Friday 3 June 2011

Black Holo Frankenpolish with added Faux-nad

I know some may think why on earth did she want to cover this one up, but I never stay on the same mani for long anyway!  I got some plates from the Born Pretty store that I ordered a while ago and couldn't wait to try them so I thought to myself, you know this mani would look awesome with a bit of chrome silver over it (which is my favourite colour to stamp on anything!), and I think it looked pretty good.  I removed the black and painted holo silver on my ring finger and stamped black over as an accent nail, but to be fair it looks much the same as the others more or less, but I don't mind that I like it anyway.  The pics sadly don't show very well the nice holo under the design, but believe me its still there and still looks lovely.  I am also working on a big franken post hopefully to go up this weekend, so look out for that.


A Polished Touch said...

Love the zebra print! Following. :)

Blingernails said...

Thank you for the nice comments and thanks for following, I have followed your blog too, I will add it to my blog roll :)

Nails By Desiré said...

Wow this looks amazing!! :)