Friday 20 May 2011

New Mani with my Franken-polish holo lovely

I decided that after sitting and looking at the prettiness in my lovely little bottle, I should use it to do a full mani.  Its not sunny here and I know thats best for holo's but I just couldn't wait anymore before trying it out.  

So here it is, indoors with flash, and indoors without flash.  Its really hard to capture the colour on this properly for some reason my camera won't do it justice.  It looks more blue with the flash, and too dark without it.  In reality it is somewhere in between the two, and more of a teal colour, and rather nice.  Its a keeper I think :)  As always pics are clickable to view larger versions.

Indoors with flash

Indoors no flash

1 comment:

Maria Spinelli said...

Your holo looks sooooo beautiful! I'm so jealous lol.

I wanted to pass this award onto you since I love reading your blog!:

Keep bringing on the gorgeous franken's!