Monday 23 May 2011

Stargazer 317

I saw some reviews of this polish and being a fan of all things duochrome and multichrome (ahh Ozotic Pro, one day I WILL have you!) I thought well, its not expensive, and its available, so therefore, I'm having it!  Its in a lovely round bottle, and went on a treat with no formula issues, although did show brush marks a little but not enough to be an issue.  

It really is a surprisingly nice duochrome polish, and what you can see in the bottle translates well onto the nail, but with most of these things, is very hard to capture on camera.  It flashes from a gorgeous rich deep blue to a lovely royal purple and as an added bonus it has a subtle shimmer in the sun.  All in all, its one nice polish and I have paid much more money for polishes which weren't as nice as this one.  If you don't have this already, get it, its a little gem.


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