Sunday 15 May 2011

W7 - Orange Dazzle Neon - with W7 Earthquake Silver Crackle Top Coat

Oh dear, epic fail!  Never let your brother choose a nail varnish for you.  Mine chose this, and then had a bloody good laugh at my expense.  He IS my brother after all he pointed out, what did I expect, its his job to be mean.  Now don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with this polish, I actually like it and it applied well with no problems, sadly though it doesn't like me.  It is screaming bright ORANGE with glitter added, its awesome but does me no favours with my skin tone.  I have a severe case of zombie hands, I look like something from Shaun of the Dead (awesome film by the way.)

These pics don't actually show the true brightness, it is unbelievably, even brighter in real life.  These pics were taken in low light, it was coming up to sundown but you definitely get the idea.  The word florescent is very  appropriate here. 

OK, I thought I have to do something with this and asked my fellow polish-a-holics and a crackle top coat was suggested so I went with W7's Earthquake Silver.  It went on easy, wasn't thick or goopy at all, and this is the first time I tried this and I am rather pleased with the result.  This top coat cost a mere £2.50, so I think I have a bargain there.  Again please excuse the quality of the pics, the light was fading fast at this point, but I will add more tomorrow if its sunny :)


BMR said...

That orange is AMAZING. And the crackle top coat is awesome. :)

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