Wednesday 18 May 2011

My first Franken-polish - I created prettiness!

I was overcome with the 'more money than sense' illness and bought a 'gram'.  I don't have more money than sense, I have practically no money at all at the moment (got laid off from work arggg) but then again, I have even less sense for giving in and buying this.  This was an overpriced gram of powder that is used for car paint, but it is holographic and mixes with nail polish rather well.  I had to have it, as all polish addicts out there will understand, and theres a lot more than me who bought this stuff too.  Madness comes in a pretty little bottle it seems :)

So it arrived, and I lifted it like the holy grail from its envelope and locked myself in the spare bedroom, home of my polishes.  They sat there, all looking like prime candidates for my franken madness, but I spotted W7 Envy, and it called to me.  So, with trembling hand, I decanted some into a sample bottle, and added a pinch at a time of the magic powder, until a wonderful thing happened.  It changed, it became the sum of its parts, it became holographic *gasps* and here it is, behold my creation!

With flash

Sunlight - Blurred to show the sparkle



TraceFace said...

It looks nice!!!

HoH said...

Yay holo!! Vey nice :)

Blingernails said...

Thanks, I was sooo pleased with how it turned out, it looks quite blue in the pics, but in reality its much more teal, China Glaze DV8, eat your heart out lol!

ABOP Laquerlove said...

Gorgeous franken!