Thursday 5 May 2011

Playing with Nubar 2010 - Flakie fun

Well, I have some good stuff coming up. I am going to do a review on a couple of cheaper brands I've seen, which had surprising results, and I have a Marks and Spencer nail polish to pick up on Saturday which is a holo polish!  Yes I haven't had a bump on the head, a silver holo polish from M&S, can't wait to get my eager little paws on that.

First though, I have been having a mess around with Nubar 2010.  It is about the only reasonable priced flakie I could get (see my previous rant about that, well better out than in eh!)

Right then, first I painted my fingers with the following: 
  • Thumb - Orly Wild Wisteria
  • Index Finger -  Nubar Peacock Feathers
  • Middle Finger - NYC Nail Glossies No 249B
  • Ring Finger - OPI Thanks so Muchness
  • Pinky Finger - Color Club Revvvolution
Natural Light

  All lovely colours in their own right of course, well I bought them all so I must have thought so.  Then I gave them all two thin coats of Nubar 2010, no topcoat and these are the results:

Natural light

 As you can see, direct sunlight tends to overwhelm the flake colour and washes it out a bit, but I can live with that, because on the darker colours especially it still looks pretty good.  Out of direct sunlight though, and it pops.  I am really pleased with the way it looks.  It shines and shimmers with its duo chrome orange gold and yes I also see a hint of green in there.  I am disappointed with the effect over Color Club revvvolution I expected it to stand out more, and over OPI thanks so muchness it gives it a nice subtle shimmer.  Over the other three though I like it a lot.  I think my star of the show has to be the layering it over Nubar peacock feathers though, definately going to wear this as a full mani, it looks even better than the photos.  In fact it looks freaking awesome :) so a big thumbs up for Nubar on their lovely versatile 2010 polish.  I think I will end up trying it over many new mani's just before I remove them, so I can see the different effect on different colours.  Hmm, I think I may need to order a back up!


Nail Designs xox said...

I always forget my nubar 2010! I love the way it looks

april brooks said...

2010 is so amazing! Great photos!